Chesterton said, “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.”


TODAY is the Feast of All Saints of the Order, the celebration of those countless unnamed men and women through 900 years, the predecessors of present-day Knights and Dames, who have lived heroic christian lives as soldiers, hospitallers and religious, yet whose virtues are known to God alone.

Members of the Order are bound to honour them and to invoke their intercession, which is a powerful aid for the work of the Order today. For Companions and friends too, many graces may be brought by their intercession as we honour them in our prayers and in our service of the Order.

We pray that we too might one day be numbered among them - the true goal of our Christian soul.

A Mass will be celebrated (in the New Rite of Mass) at 6.30pm, by our Chaplain, Fr David Irwin at the Conventual Church of St John of Jerusalem.

The Collect of the Mass
O God, the source of all holiness
and of varying forms of it that endow your Church
and build up the Body of Christ,
give us the grace to follow the saints of our Order
in living for you alone,
by meditating on your law and by perfect self-denial
so that we may come with them to the bliss of eternal life. Amen.