“The only worthwhile striving is after the highest ideals: If you aim for an easy target, your standard will inevitably decline, and no progress is ever made, except through real effort and real suffering.” - Servant of God Fra' Andrew Bertie                                                                                                                                                 "Work as if everything depends on you, pray as if everything depends on God" - Saint Ignatius of Loyola



The Funeral of Frater Richard Hamilton Alexander Cheffins was held on Monday morning at the Church of Saint James, Spanish Place, in the presence of the Prince Grand Prior of Bohemia, Fra' Carl Paar; the Grand Prior of England; of Fra' Duncan Gallie, Legate of the Prince and Grand Master; and around 50 members of the Order including a total of 11 professed knights from the Grand Priories of Bohemia and England.

The celebrant was the Reverend Monsignor Antony Conlon, Chaplain of the Grand Priory and Fra' Richard's Spiritual Director.

The Mass was preceded, following the reception of the body, by Lauds of the Dead sung in choir, and the Mass was a plainsong Mass in the Traditional form, following the wishes of the deceased, whose magnificent Mass of profession is still recalled by many members the Order.

Fra' Richard was accorded the dignity of Grand Officer of the Order Pro Merito Melitense a short while before his death, and the insignia were placed upon his coffin by the Prince Grand Prior of Bohemia.

Monsignor Conlon preached a wonderful homily upon the importance of tradition in the life of the human soul, a quality evidenced by Fra' Richard in his many varied academic and cultural interests, and his own spiritual journey within the religious life of the Order. 

May he rest in peace.
At the Absolutions