Chesterton said, “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.”


The Easter Vigil completed the celebration of the Sacred Triduum in the Conventual Church.  We are very grateful to al those who have made the ceremonies so solemn and beautiful.  The choir sang the chant responses at the Vigil, and Schubert's Mass in G.

The Sacred Ministers during the Vigil.
Gloria is Excelsis.
The choir exercising their opus Dei.
The Sacred Ministers with the sanctuary party and some members of the Order 
on the steps of the Conventual Church in the early hours of this holy morning.

Dic nobis, Maria,  quid vidísti in via?
Sépulcrum Christi vivénti :
et glóriam vidi resurgéntis
Angélicos testes, sudárium, et véstes
Surréxit Christus spes mea :
 et præcédet vos in Galilæam.

Tell us Mary : say what thou didst see upon the way
The tomb the Living did enclose;
I saw Christ’s glory as he rose!
The angels there attesting;
Shroud with grave-clothes resting
Christ, my hope, has risen : 
he goes before you into Galilee.

The Grand Prior extends to you all his best wishes for all the blessing of the Risen Lord at this Easter time.