Chesterton said, “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.”


In Advent this year the new corrected translations of the Roman Missal will come into effect.  Before this, starting on the first Sunday in September, this week, the unchanging parts of the Mass, those prayers and responses we say week by week, will be used of the first time.

In addition to the changes to the texts, the Bishops have included much more music in the new books, and whereas in the past many of us have been unfamiliar with singing many parts of the English Mass, from now on this will become a very much more usual part of our Sunday Liturgy; as Saint Augustine says, "he who sings prays twice."

Information from ICEL, the editors, including texts and music, may been seen and downloaded from links on the page available here.

The Bishops of Ireland have prepared three excellent short videos, which are posted below, to help explain the theology behind some of the changes, which bring the English-speaking world into line not only with the official Latin texts, but also with most of the other languages of the world. The translations are also intended to be much more beautiful, to help us raise our hearts and minds to God.

From Thursday 15th September, at the specific wish of the late Grand Prior, the Order of Malta's 6.45pm Mass at the Lady Chapel at Spanish Place will begin using the new texts, and when we are numerous enough, the Mass will be sung, to assist us to learn the new responses and their music. This will continue until Advent. Everyone is encouraged to make use of these opportunities.

Introducing the new Missal Part 1:

Introducing the new Missal Part 2:

Introducing the new Missal Part 3: