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Following our post of last November on this subject (see here) we can now report further on this issue, below is an extract from the publicity issued earlier by the Libel reform Campaign.
Today a prestigious Parliamentary committee endorsed our call that the libel laws need to be redrawn. Their voice adds to the condemnation of the United Nations Human Rights Committee, the Culture, Media and Sport select committee, and President Barack Obama who signed into law the US Speech Act to protect Americans from the effects of our archaic libel laws.

Campaigners will be lobbing Parliament on Wednesday 9th November at 6 pm. There are more details about this meeting on www.libelreform.org. 
It has been the incredible level of support that has got the campaign to where we are now. 
Today the Parliamentary committee outlined what they think needs to be done to get the laws into shape. They took on board many of Libel Reform Campaign's recommendations but we still need a stronger public interest defense and to make these concerns and act – you can see what we think about the committee’s report here. 
Over the last two years libel reform has risen to the top of the political agenda. Now it is time to tell the government that a bill must go through parliament as soon as possible. Lord Lester's draft bill may be seen here.