Chesterton said, “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.”


The Holy Father celebrated Mass on the occasion of his birthday in the Capella Paolina, with his brother Don Georg Ratzinger, the Papal household, the college of Cardinals and members of the Curia and their families.

The news service of Osservatore Romano has graciously provided photographs.  It might be worthy of note that the altar in this chapel is so arranged that Mass may also be celebrated facing towards the people.

As ever, His Holiness offers us a wonderful example of Tuitio Fidei in his Homily, linking the certainty of our future life to the history of the Church, through consideration of the recent Easter mysteries; we give an extract here below.
The day on which I was baptized, as I said, was Holy Saturday. At that time [1927], the practice was still that of anticipating Easter Vigil on the morning, after which the gloom of Holy Saturday continued, without the Alleluia. It seems to me that this peculiar paradox, this peculiar anticipation of the light in a dark day, could be almost an image of history in our time. On one hand, there is still the silence of God and of his absence, but, in the Resurrection of Christ, there is already the anticipation of God's "yes", and, we live based on this anticipation, and, through the silence of God, we feel his words, and, through the darkness of his absence, we foresee his light. The anticipation of the Resurrection amidst a history that goes on is the strength that shows us the path and helps us move forward. 
We thank the good God because he has given us this light and we ask him that it may remain with us always. And on this day I have reason to thank Him and all those who once again have made me realize the presence of the Lord, who have stayed with me so that I would not lose the light.  Benedictus PP XVI
(H/T Rorate Caeli)

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