Chesterton said, “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.”


So that these your servants can, with all their voice,
sing of your wonderful feats, clean the blemish of our spotted lips.
O Saint John! An angel came from the heavens to announce to your father
the greatness of your birth, dictating your name and destination.
He (Zacarias) doubted these divine promises and was deprived of the use of the speech;
but when you were born recovered the voice that had been lost.
Still locked in your mother's breast, you felt the King's presence housed in the vestal womb.
And prophet, before being born, you revealed this mystery to your parents.
Glory be to the Father and to the engendered Son;
glory similar to the Holy Spirit that is knot of both, for every century. Amen

Saint John the Baptist, Patron of our Order, pray for us and for Our Lords the Sick and Poor.