“The only worthwhile striving is after the highest ideals: If you aim for an easy target, your standard will inevitably decline, and no progress is ever made, except through real effort and real suffering.” - Servant of God Fra' Andrew Bertie                                                                                                                                                 "Work as if everything depends on you, pray as if everything depends on God" - Saint Ignatius of Loyola



This year the Order's Pilgrimage to the medieval shrine of Holywell, North Wales, started in the ancient market town of Ruthin. While there pilgrims were able to pray at the spot where, in 1679,  Blessed Charles Meehan, a Franciscan, gained the unsought distinction of being the last Catholic to be martyred by hanging, drawing and quartering. After Mass on Saturday morning in the tiny Catholic church of Bala the pilgrims visited various sites along the "Pilgrims' Way" which goes from St David's to Holywell. Sunday, as usual, started with Mass in the parish Church of St Winefride's followed by a hearty lunch provided by the sisters who run the Pilgrim Hospice. It ended with prayers at the Shrine led by our chaplain Fr. Mark Elvins. Next year the pilgrimage is booked for a week earlier than usual - 26th-28th July - in order to avoid a clash with the Welsh National Eisteddfod.

Saint Winifrede, pray for us.