From 'Mementoes of the Martyrs' : "...which provoked a Frenchman who was there to comment on the strange ways of the English, "those who are for the pope are hanged, those who are against him are burned:"                                               Saint John-Paul II wrote: "The fact that one can die for the faith shows that other demands of the faith can also be met."                                                 Cardinal M├╝ller says, “For the real danger to today’s humanity is the greenhouse gases of sin and the global warming of unbelief and the decay of morality when no one knows and teaches the difference between good and evil.”                                                  St Catherine of Siena said, “We've had enough exhortations to be silent. Cry out with a thousand tongues - I see the world is rotten because of silence.”                                                  Chesterton said, “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.”                                                Brethren, Wake up!


His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Patronus of our beloved Order, and together with Bishop Schneider, has called all Catholics to a Crusade of Prayer and Fasting for 40 days leading up to the controversial Amazon Synod –
"to implore our Lord and Saviour, through the intercession of His Virgin Mother, for the following intentions: that the theological errors and heresies inserted in the Instrumentum Laboris may not be approved during the synodal assembly; that particularly Pope Francis, in the exercise of the Petrine ministry, may confirm his brethren in the faith by an unambiguous rejection of the errors of the Instrumentum Laboris and that he may not consent to the abolition of priestly celibacy in the Latin Church by introducing the praxis of the ordination of married men, the so-called “viri probati”, to the Holy Priesthood."
They have issued an 8-page document as a commentary upon the Synod's agenda, from which the above quotation is taken. See their document HERE. See a full article explaining their concerns HERE.

The Prayer requested is one Decade of the Holy Rosary daily for this intention, and fasting from one full meal one day per week, a similar fast to Fridays in Lent.  This could be on Friday in addition to our weekly abstinence, or on another day to suit our busy lives.  For those able to fast for the day on bread and water only, the Cardinal and Bishop Schneider would request this addition penance too. The Crusade actually began at the end of last week (our apologies), but it is never too late to start!  You have not yet missed a fast!

His Eminence has also this week given an in-depth interview on the current state and responsibilities of the Church, with Riccardo Cascioli, which may be read in English HERE.  Original in Italian HERE.


Pray to our Holy Patron Saint John the Baptist, whose whole life was one of Prayer and Fasting, to assist us in this work for Holy Mother Church!


Choose your battle - and stand firm!

"O Lord, may your Church ... be filled with joy at the birth of the Virgin Mary, who brought the dawn of hope and salvation to the world. Through Christ our Lord. Amen. (from the Postcommunion of the Victory Mass)

H/T the inestimable Fr Z.