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The LITURGICAL ORDO 2010 for the Order of Malta, as used in the Conventual Church, is now available for download, there is a link in the sidebar (see 'Downloads'), or you may click here. This is the calendar used at all churches and Masses of the Order in this form in this country, and by all Order Chaplains in their private Masses.

The Liturgical Calendar in the Ordinary Form is available on the Bishop's Conference website, here (online version), or here (printable leaflet). The Feasts of the Order are on the same dates in both forms.

Also available is the CALENDAR OF MASSES for the year 2010 to be celebrated in the Church at the Thursday Masses and other principal feast of the Order, in easily printable leaflet format, here. This will be of particular use to Members of the Order and Companions who attend Mass in the church regularly.

Additional downloads will be added to the sidebar when they are considered useful.