Chesterton said, “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.”

Thursday 25th March - ANNUNCIATION OF THE BVM

In Her wisdom and charity the Church grants us this Solemnity to rejoice in the first step in the story of our Salvation, as the Angel Gabriel makes known to Our Blessed Lady her part in God's Divine mission, and gives us a last break from our Lenten fast.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered at 6.30pm this evening for the repose of the souls of Kevin Cunnane, Regent of the Irish Sub-Priory of Saint Oliver Plunkett; and of Sor PurificaciĆ³n, Commandress of St John of the Convent of St John of Acre, Salinas de AƱana, in Spain, both of whom died this week. Requiescant in Pace.

The memento of the living will also be offered for the continued recovery of Fra' Fredrik Crichton-Stuart, Grand Prior of England, who remains gravely unwell.

Your assistance in these pious intentions is requested, with the assurance of the prayers of the members of the Grand Priory and British Association for all those who collaborate in the spiritual and charitable work of the Order.

Our Lady of the Annunciation, pray for us.
Our Lady of Philermo, pray for us.
Saint John the Baptist, pray for us,
Blessed Gerard, pray for us.